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About Me:

 Hello, Im Thomas Carpenter (TCWORLD on "AMR" and "The Gauge") And this is my page of layouts. The first four links on the menu go to my micro layout pages. These are a series of layouts in varying Gauges/Scales, built on disk sized baseboards from Z on a Mini-Disk to OO on a Record, to a mini diorama on a Floppy Disk. Don't forget to sign my Guestbook!

Recent Layout Work (Updated 18th December '10):

Most Recent:

  I have added photos of the Mine Layout from November into the gallery. These show current progress and the areas of the layout which still need major work. Progress recently has been slow due to me having to devote alot more time to Education - Uni is more demanding than high school. I am currently studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds for those who are interested. The result is less time available for the layout.

  I have also updated all the photos in the gallery. The purpose of this was to resize the copyright water mark, and to make the displayed pictures about 50% larger. The result is that you can see a larger image, and the watermark is far less intrusive than it was. I hope this makes your viewing of the photos more enjoyable.

   Finally, I am getting a couple of new loco's for Christmas- a Kato NW2 in Chessie/B&O Livery, and a Kato SD70ACe in CSX Midnight Livery. Both of these will be converted to DCC with either a TCS or a Digitrax decoder. I will post some photos on christmas day when I get them.


(15/09/10)You may have noticed/had problems viewing pictures in the gallery, aswell as there being lots of random snippits of code lying around. These issues were due to compatibility problems between my theme and the latest version of Coppermine Photogallery. The problem has now been resolved. If you experience problems, please use the contact button on the gallery page to get in touch, and i will try my best to resolve the problems. The lates batch of pictures have been added to the Mine Layout Album in the Gallery.

This month so far has seen more work on the scenery, including adding extra depth to the layout with the use of perceptual colours (granted, not so great in photograph, best in person). I have also bought some LocoIO boards, and a LocoBuffer for the planned signalling system. I have also baught the electronics and LEDs to build signals for the layout, though I don't imagine these will be build for a couple of months yet. Perhaps sooner, but not sure yet

(04/06/10)I have added yet more photos to Gallery. The June gallery only has 10 pics so far, but more will come over the next few days. Current progress to report is that the two halves of the layout are now glued together and scenic work can now commence with most of the wiring backbone now in place, or at a point at which only below baseword work is require. Hopefully this will allow a jump in progress.

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAYOUT >>> The layout has today celebrated 1 year in existance. June 4th was the first time the plans for the layout were shown to AMR and also the date construction began last year.

(04/10/09) --- The next installment of photos has been uploaded into the Mine Layout gallery. Last months layout work has been uploaded.

(12/08/09) --- The Gallery has once again been updated. I have now added all the exhibition photos and gala photos from the previous website into the gallery. Along with adding the photos, the gallery has also been made alot easier to navigate. I have removed the "Early Pictures" and "Later Pictures" categories, meaning that each layouts photos are in 1 folder for each layout not 3 per layout.

Below is a trackplan of my current layout, which is in N-Guage, and is slightly larger than my windowsill. It is set along a branchline of the Baltimore and Ohio railway in the USA.